LD2L Season 5 Sneak Peek

Posted on Fri Apr 05 2019 06:07:10 GMT+0000 (UTC) by Clare

The upcoming season will feature a few notable changes that we're excited to announce.

First off, we're transitioning to using the highest of players' party and solo MMR instead of badges for our drafts. Accordingly, players will need to provide a full page screenshot of their in-client stats page when signing up.

Secondly, the primary Learn Dota 2 League will now be capped at 3000 MMR to better accommodate the tier of players for which the league was originally made. We believe the influx of ~3k+ players has greatly decreased the quality of matches for many of our sub 3k userbase. That said, we would also like to allow the higher MMR segment of our community to continue enjoying the LD2L experience, so we are now introducing the LD2L: Masters division for players between 2500 and 4000 MMR. We understand mmr is not always accurate due to both flaws inherent in the system and intentional abuse and thus will exercise our discretion above it. Although we will be generally use the predetermined mmr cap to determine who can and cannot play in the Masters division, we may in some cases find it necessary to disallow a player from participating if we believe their skill level is inappropriate for the league, even if they are below the cap. In extraordinary cases, players whose MMR is above the cap may be allowed to play if it is determined both that their skill level is not inappropriate for the league and they are a good fit for the community. Finally, you may have noticed that the floor for the Masters division is lower than the cap for the primary league. If a player falls within that 500 MMR range, they may choose to register for either or both divisions. When players select the latter option, the admin team will look to place them in the division that best facilitates overall playerbase balance.

Look forward to more announcements about the upcoming season over the next week and, as always, feel free to ping us incessantly with questions you may have.