LD2L is Back

Posted on Fri Jan 04 2019 20:25:13 GMT+0000 (UTC) by megaera

After crowning our Season 3 champions Don't Ban my Prophet and playing the Sproutgate Memorial Allstar Game in December, LD2L took a brief break for the holidays. But signups are now open for the first two LD2L events of 2019.

First and foremost, LD2L Season 4 signups are now live. The draft will take place on January 20, and the first week of matches will be on January 27. This also means the start of our preseason inhouse league with a fresh leaderboard.

Second, we're going to run a preseason LD2L Mini on Sunday, January 13. This is a single-day event where we draft 5 man squads and play a single-elimination tournament. Exact schedule and format will depend on the number of signups, and will be announced via Discord.

Finally, a word about the badge limit for LD2L Season 4. As most of your know, the MMR cutoffs for badges drift pretty dramatically over the course of the season. This makes it especially difficult to set a badge cutoff with re-calibration (and presumably badge re-centering) imminent. So we're provisionally setting the cutoff for current Legend 5 badges, but reserve the right to adjust if the reset comes between now and the draft. Further rules clarifications and updates will be forthcoming over the next few days in response to the end of season surveys and issues that arose in Season 3.