Season 2 Allstars

Posted on Sat Jul 21 2018 19:57:38 GMT+0000 (UTC) by ButteryGreg

This season's all star poll results are in! We'll be having the all star match on Sunday, July 22nd (tomorrow) at 5 PM EDT (the default match time, which may be foreign to some people). The format will be that two captains from one of the positions below will pick teams and then play at least one game of captain's mode. When a player is picked for a team, the matching player in the same position will be automatically assigned to the other team.

Position 5: Krugerrand and Hail Satin

Position 4: Yolksoup and Pocket

Position 3: MidOrChen and Kyrix

Position 2: Chocothep1e and Elusive

Position 1: Venuz and Trent