Season 7 Schedule

Posted on Tue Jan 07 2020 03:28:49 GMT+0000 (UTC) by ButteryGreg

Signups are now open for Season 7. Games will continue to be played on Sundays at 5 PM EST. The calendar schedule will be:

  • Friday, January 24th - Signups End
  • Sunday, January 26th - Player draft
  • Sunday, February 2nd - Week 1
  • Sunday, February 9th - Week 2
  • Sunday, February 16th - Week 3
  • Sunday, February 23rd - Week 4
  • Sunday, March 1st - Week 5
  • Sunday, March 8th - Week 6
  • Sunday, March 15th - Week 7
  • Sunday, March 22nd - Playoffs Week 1
  • Sunday, March 29th - Playoffs Week 2
  • Sunday, April 5th - Grand Finals

As usual, inhousese will be available to introduce new players. Additionally we will try to gather daily from now to draft around 8 or 9 PM EST to play inhouses or pubs with new and returning players in a format that may be more familiar to season 0/1/2.

Season 6 Schedule

Posted on Tue Sep 17 2019 05:02:17 GMT+0000 (UTC) by ButteryGreg

Pod racing has been removed, so we are moving the normal season up slightly. This makes it easier to work around holidays and still finish before the end of the year.

  • Friday, Oct. 4th: Signups End
  • Sunday, Oct. 6th: Captains draft teams
  • Sunday, Oct. 13th: Week 0 games
  • Sundays, Oct. 20th, 27th, Nov. 3, 10th: Regular season matches
  • Sundays, Nov. 17th, 24th: Playoffs Weeks 1 and 2
  • Sunday, Dec. 1st: Thanksgiving Sunday, no games
  • Sunday, Dec. 8th: Lower division finals, Masters all star game
  • Sunday, Dec. 15th: Masters finals, lower division all star game
  • Sunday, Dec. 22nd: Sunday before Christmas

As mentioned before, 5 inhouse games (including previously played pod racing games) are required to sign up for the league.

LD2L Season Six Plans

Posted on Wed Aug 21 2019 02:27:47 GMT+0000 (UTC) by ButteryGreg

We've collected end of season feedback and ignored most of it as we prepare for the next season. Season six will feature several notable format changes compared to previous LD2L seasons:

  1. Pre-season inhouses are now optional, but remain encouraged. The inhouse leaderboard has been reset for season six and the website queue is now live.
  2. The season is being reorganized into two connected halves, incorporating pre-season activities directly:
    • Pod Racing - For the first half of the season, everyone will play pod games as discussed below on Sundays at the usual time.
    • Regular Season - For the second half of the season, players will be broken into draft pools as before (masters and regular LD2L), draft teams, and play a shorter Swiss-style tournament to generate playoff seeds, which is discussed further below.
  3. We're replacing the vouching process with a new system where players should bring concerns about new (or existing) community members to their pod moderator or the admins in private. By default, new signups will be allowed to participate in the pre-season mixers and join the draft list automatically, but if their behavior is disruptive or breaks the posted rules, they may be removed before draft day.

Pod Racing

The biggest change this season is the introduction of pod racing. Signups will be assigned to one of four player pods, each run by a pod moderator (poderator) with the goal of creating role and MMR balanced player pools. These pods will play against each other in a "meet style" event each weekend where the poderator will create and rank teams to play against their corresponding teams from the opposing pod in a best-of-2 series. For example, with 40 signups, each pod would have ten players. These ten players would then be organized into two teams, numbered 1 and 2 by MMR or perceived skill, and then play against the matching 1 and 2 teams from another pod in two simultaneous best-of-2s. The pods will score points equal to the total number of games won.

The pod racing will continue for six weeks, so each pairing of pods will play twice, and the final winning pod (PodChamp) will be the one that has the most points over the entire season. The pods will form as many teams each week as they have available players (+1 team for each 5 players that join). When the pods do not have enough players to form another full team, the leftovers will form a built-in standin pool for their pod and are expected to show up on Sunday. These players are encouraged to play inhouses, cast games, or do something else during game time to get to know one another and the rest of the league..

The goal of the pod season is to create an opportunity for new players to meet and get to know each other and veterans alike before the player draft, while alleviating some of the common complaints about inhouses. Consistent pod attendance shows that a player is dedicated to playing at the standard game time on Sunday, and the replacement of the vouching system streamlines the new player experience, as we will focus on removing bad players rather than whitelisting good players.

Regular Season

A Swiss pairing system for 16 teams can determine the top overall seed in only 4 weeks, rather than the 7 weeks that we have played in the past. With pod racing taking more time, we are reducing the length of the normal season to just 4 weeks to determine the playoff seeds, and the top 8 teams in each division will advance to a three week, single elimination playoff bracket as usual.

MMR and Divisions

Currently we're planning on keeping the same MMR cap and division structure as in season 5 for the regular season portion (only the MMR cap affects pods, which will remain at 4k), but we're still working out the precise details for division separation and the draft.


Signups for the pod season, which is required to participate in the regular season, will open in the coming days. The final schedule will be posted at the same time, but the season is expected to run roughly from September 1st through mid December.

Season 5 Preseason

Posted on Thu Apr 18 2019 20:57:26 GMT+0000 (UTC) by megaera

Welcome to all of our new players for Season 5 of LD2L, and welcome back to all of our veteran League Players!

The draft pools for Season 5 will be set on Friday, May 3. In order to be added to the draft pool you must:

  1. Be signed up for an appropriate division for your MMR (LD2L is 0-3K; Masters is 2.5-4K)
  2. Provide a link to a current screenshot of your MMR that includes your account name, badge, and both MMRs (i.e. a full-width shot of your ingame stats page)
  3. Have public match history turned on and visible via Dotabuff/OpenDota
  4. Play at least 5 games in our preseason inhouse league.
  5. Be vouched by a veteran LD2L player.

You can check all of these things here on the website. If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with one of the League Admins via Discord.

LD2L Season 5 Sneak Peek

Posted on Fri Apr 05 2019 06:07:10 GMT+0000 (UTC) by Clare

The upcoming season will feature a few notable changes that we're excited to announce.

First off, we're transitioning to using the highest of players' party and solo MMR instead of badges for our drafts. Accordingly, players will need to provide a full page screenshot of their in-client stats page when signing up.

Secondly, the primary Learn Dota 2 League will now be capped at 3000 MMR to better accommodate the tier of players for which the league was originally made. We believe the influx of ~3k+ players has greatly decreased the quality of matches for many of our sub 3k userbase. That said, we would also like to allow the higher MMR segment of our community to continue enjoying the LD2L experience, so we are now introducing the LD2L: Masters division for players between 2500 and 4000 MMR. We understand mmr is not always accurate due to both flaws inherent in the system and intentional abuse and thus will exercise our discretion above it. Although we will be generally use the predetermined mmr cap to determine who can and cannot play in the Masters division, we may in some cases find it necessary to disallow a player from participating if we believe their skill level is inappropriate for the league, even if they are below the cap. In extraordinary cases, players whose MMR is above the cap may be allowed to play if it is determined both that their skill level is not inappropriate for the league and they are a good fit for the community. Finally, you may have noticed that the floor for the Masters division is lower than the cap for the primary league. If a player falls within that 500 MMR range, they may choose to register for either or both divisions. When players select the latter option, the admin team will look to place them in the division that best facilitates overall playerbase balance.

Look forward to more announcements about the upcoming season over the next week and, as always, feel free to ping us incessantly with questions you may have.

LD2L is Back

Posted on Fri Jan 04 2019 20:25:13 GMT+0000 (UTC) by megaera

After crowning our Season 3 champions Don't Ban my Prophet and playing the Sproutgate Memorial Allstar Game in December, LD2L took a brief break for the holidays. But signups are now open for the first two LD2L events of 2019.

First and foremost, LD2L Season 4 signups are now live. The draft will take place on January 20, and the first week of matches will be on January 27. This also means the start of our preseason inhouse league with a fresh leaderboard.

Second, we're going to run a preseason LD2L Mini on Sunday, January 13. This is a single-day event where we draft 5 man squads and play a single-elimination tournament. Exact schedule and format will depend on the number of signups, and will be announced via Discord.

Finally, a word about the badge limit for LD2L Season 4. As most of your know, the MMR cutoffs for badges drift pretty dramatically over the course of the season. This makes it especially difficult to set a badge cutoff with re-calibration (and presumably badge re-centering) imminent. So we're provisionally setting the cutoff for current Legend 5 badges, but reserve the right to adjust if the reset comes between now and the draft. Further rules clarifications and updates will be forthcoming over the next few days in response to the end of season surveys and issues that arose in Season 3.

Hiatus is Over

Posted on Sat Sep 01 2018 01:26:43 GMT+0000 (UTC) by megaera

LD2L Season 3

After a hiatus for TI, LD2L returns for a third season this Fall. Signups will be posted soon, but you'll want to mark the following dates on your calendar:

Draft: 9/23

Regular Season: 9/30-11/11

Playoffs: 11/18-12/02

LD2L Inhouse League (LIHL)

The two most consistent bits of feedback on LD2L Season 2 surveys were about the ability to track stats, and an inability to scout new players in the preseason vouching period. Behind the scenes we've been hard at work developing a solution to both problems.

A requirement for participation in Season 3 of LD2L will be participation in at least 5 LIHL games. The LIHL games will take place on scheduled nights (becoming more frequent as the season approaches), and will record stats on the league website.

In order to incentivize league veterans to participate in the LIHL beyond the basic five games, we will also be maintaining an LIHL ladder that tracks an internal LD2L ELO.

We will be testing the LIHL hosting and stat tracking systems in the next few days. Signups, rules, and dates will follow soon after.

Season 2 Allstars

Posted on Sat Jul 21 2018 19:57:38 GMT+0000 (UTC) by ButteryGreg

This season's all star poll results are in! We'll be having the all star match on Sunday, July 22nd (tomorrow) at 5 PM EDT (the default match time, which may be foreign to some people). The format will be that two captains from one of the positions below will pick teams and then play at least one game of captain's mode. When a player is picked for a team, the matching player in the same position will be automatically assigned to the other team.

Position 5: Krugerrand and Hail Satin

Position 4: Yolksoup and Pocket

Position 3: MidOrChen and Kyrix

Position 2: Chocothep1e and Elusive

Position 1: Venuz and Trent

Mini 2 Signups Open

Posted on Wed Jul 11 2018 01:53:03 GMT+0000 (UTC) by ButteryGreg

On Saturday, July 14th, we're going to run another one-day single elimination tournament with same day drafting. Anyone eligible for Season 2 may play; if you didn't sign up for season 2 talk to a league admin on discord to make sure you can play. We'll take the first 40 signups on a first-come, first-served basis to form up to 8 teams of five players each.

The draft will start a 1 PM EDT in order to ensure that it finishes long before NA battle cup to allow people to take a break after. Teams will only have five players each, so you must plan to be available from 1 PM to 5 PM EDT in order to account for the draft and up to three matches.

Signups are available at

Announcing LD2L Season 2

Posted on Sat Apr 07 2018 21:04:30 GMT+0000 (UTC) by megaera

Signups for LD2L Season 2 are open for new and returning players through Friday, April 13!

Captains will participate in a live draft streamed on Sunday, April 15. Regular season games will be played every Sunday at 5PM Eastern from April 22 through June 3. Playoffs will start June 10 with the finals on June 24.